Margie Ryan

Margie has always had a creative imagination and a passion for art. At a young age her father quickly became aware of her talent and would buy her canvases so she could experiment and practice her interests. She studied photography, design, painting, drawing, and even sculpture. In 2006, Margie graduated from Rider University with a bachelor's degree in elementary education. Throughout her teaching career, she always incorporated illustration and artistic expression into her lessons. Soon after, she was inspired by a friend to further her passion for art and her love of children into a business. It was then Margie began face painting. She has attended several conventions and classes led by master face painters, and continues to fuel her passion from studying the talents of others in her field.

Her greatest accomplishment is the not the final product of her work, but the overly excited reactions to what she has created. In just a few minutes time, she develops a connection with the children and they in turn, take to her. They express what is in their imaginations and she magically transforms them into it. It is Margie's job to make that vision of theirs come alive. When the kids look in the mirror for the first time, there is no greater joy for Margie than knowing that what she truly painted, was a smile.

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